Adoption Services

There are unique challenges that often come along with forming a family through adoption. Adopted children occasionally experience difficulty bonding with their forever family due to issues of abandonment, abuse, neglect, guilt, grief and loss. Many of the challenging behaviors that come as a result of these issues do not surface until the school years and again during adolescence when youth are becoming more independent. Our goal is to offer support and education to adoptive families throughout the life cycle. This can be done at various levels of intervention.  We offer individual and family counseling for adopted children, siblings and parents. Our services also include small groups for adoptive parents, as well as family consulting. During small groups, adoptive parents will have the opportunity to discuss challenges associated with adoption and learn from peers in similar situations as they develop a sense of community. Family consulting includes counseling, education, referrals and advocacy for adopted children and their families.


Please Note: Due to the consultative and supportive nature of the services provided in the area of adoption and adoption preservation, there is a separate fee scale that will be discussed prior to any services being rendered. Please contact our main office to learn more about this.