Christian Counseling

At LCS, We understand that having a strong belief in God does not exempt people from struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, life transitions, relationships, parenting, self-esteem, anger and many other challenges. By integrating biblical scripture and prayer into therapy, Christian counselors can provide clients with guidance, hope, and inspiration to assist them in coping with life’s stressors while also supporting them in their relationship with God.

In Christian counseling, both the counselor and client are encouraged to let God work in therapeutic sessions. The counselor provides an integrative counseling experience where therapeutic techniques and biblical scriptures are infused to give the client the resources that they need to progress. Clients are invited to be spiritually aware and let their faith be a source of healing.

If you practice Christianity and you would like to incorporate your faith into your counseling experience, let us know when you call to set up your initial appointment. The client and the counselor will work together to create the most comfortable and appropriate therapeutic environment within a Christian framework.