Financial Therapy

Financial therapy is a newly emerging field that integrates mental health therapy with financial planning.

Our financial therapist, who is both a marriage and family therapist and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) will help you discover and understand the cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and relational aspects of your financial health. Like most other people, you may find that your relationship with money is impacted by more than your yearly income, bank balance or credit score. You have a relationship with money whether you are aware of it or not. Money is woven deeply into almost every aspect of our lives through countless financial interactions of varying complexity and importance. Sometimes financial knowledge is all that is needed to improve your financial circumstances. As a CFP®, our financial therapist has the expertise to guide you through the financial planning process. However, even the decisions of the savviest financial guru are affected by emotions. Yes, emotions play a significant role in our financial lives. Indeed, few topics are as emotionally charged as money. While we may like to think we are guided by logical thought processes which weigh only factual information, research studies have shown that financial behavior is often far from rational. As a marriage and family therapist, our financial therapist has the therapeutic skills to help you explore your emotions about money and its impact on your relationships.

When should you consult with a financial therapist? A consultation may be appropriate if:

• You want to understand your relationship with money
• You feel caught in family or partnership conflicts about money.
• You want assistance with changing your money behaviors and attitudes.
• You are dealing with a sudden money transition such as divorce, loss of a loved one, unemployment, foreclosure, bankruptcy.
• You feel unsure of your money values and priorities.
• You want to be sure your children are financially literate and have healthy attitudes towards money.
• You are concerned about estate and inheritance issues.

Please note: Although the financial therapy sessions are billed like general counseling services to third-party payers, our financial therapist may recommend more extensive financial planning services to you at some point during your treatment. The fees vary for these specialized services and will be explained to you prior to beginning any such services.